Save Money on Car Insurance in Katy

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Insurance

Car Insurance in Katy can be quite expensive, even if the person is only interested in purchasing the smallest amount they are legally able to. Fortunately, insurance companies do offer ways a person can save on their insurance costs as long as they’re eligible. Below are a few discounts worth asking about when a person is looking for a new insurance policy.

*      Combining Insurance Policies – Many companies will allow the person to combine different types of insurance together for a bundled discount. If the person has homeowner’s insurance and car insurance, they may be able to save quite a bit of money on both policies by combining them with the same insurance carrier.

*      Multiple Car Discounts – Families who have multiple cars all on the same policy may be able to receive discounts on each of the vehicles.

*      Safe Driver Discounts – Many companies offer safe driver discounts. Those who avoid accidents and tickets for a minimum amount of time may be eligible for these types of savings.

*      Security and Safety Discounts – Cars equipped with the latest security features may be less expensive to insure. Likewise, if a car has the latest safety features they may be eligible for a lower cost.

*      Driving Training Discounts – In some cases, insurance companies will be willing to offer discounts to those who have completed driver training courses. This includes basic training courses and defensive driving courses, depending on the insurance carrier.

*      Low Mileage Discounts – Cars must be insured, even when they’re not being driven. If there is a vehicle that is not being driven while the owner is away at school or because they only drive a few miles a week, the insurance company may offer substantial savings.

These are just a few of the discounts a person can get when they purchase Car Insurance in Katy. Most of these revolve around the safety of the driver or vehicle because a safe drive and safe vehicle are going to result in fewer claims. It’s important to ask about all discounts before purchasing the insurance so the person can find out just how much they can save. For questions about any of these types of discounts or to find out what other discounts are available, speak with an insurance agent today.

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