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Restore Your Driveway with Asphalt Sealcoating in Dayton, OH

One of the greatest benefits of having an asphalt driveway over a concrete driveway is the fact that the maintenance is so much easier, and the result of that maintenance is almost like getting a brand new driveway every time it’s serviced. When you have a high quality asphalt driveway to start with, a simple periodic asphalt sealcoating service will keep it looking its best, with a surface that is smooth, free of cracks and holes, and looks as good as new. Unless you want to pay someone to strip, clean, and apply multiple coats of paint to a concrete driveway every week, you’ll never get the lasting effect that a freshly sealed asphalt driveway can give you.

Why Sealcoating?

Periodically sealcoating your asphalt driveway does more than simply give it a fresh and appealing finish. It adds a protective coating that helps prevent damage, contamination, and deterioration due to exposure to the sun’s UV rays, salts and chemicals, and oils and petroleum products. Your regularly scheduled asphalt sealcoating in Dayton, OH, will include a one-year warranty and should be performed yearly to ensure the best performance and longest service life for your paved driveway. When your paved drive is serviced with a regular Dayton asphalt sealcoating, you can be sure that cracks and holes are properly filled and your drive will stay in the best possible condition year after year.

What Does Sealcoating Entail?

Asphalt sealcoating is a multi-step process that conditions, repairs, seals, and coats the surface of your asphalt to prevent damage and to ensure lasting performance. The surface of your pavement will undergo power edging to restore edges to a new condition and stop edge crumbling and deterioration in its tracks before the entire surface is cleaned by a power broom and a blower. All oil spots are thoroughly cleaned and primed, and all cracks are cleaned and filled before the pavement edges receive a coat of hand-applied sealer. The work is finished off with either a broom or spray application of sealcoating, barricaded, and left to cure for 24 hours before you can call your asphalt as good as new.

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