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Rely On Professional Interior Painters to Make Your Portland Home Beautiful

Paint is an affordable and easy way to give the interior of your home a fresh new look. A new color can completely transform the style and feel of any room, and hiring professional interior painters can ensure the job is done correctly. The following are just a few of the benefits you can expect from the painting companies in Portland.

Excellent Color Suggestions

Professional painters have seen a lot of different color combinations. They have learned from experience which wall colors work best with specific trim colors. They can listen to your ideas and make recommendations to help ensure that the finished project is stylish and appealing.

Proper Preparation

Professional painters will fill any holes in the walls and use a primer that will help the paint last while looking amazing. They will sand rough spots to allow for a smooth finish, and they may even help you move or cover furniture in order to keep it protected throughout the entire process.

High Quality Work

When you hire an interior painter, you can count on a finish that is free from runs and splotches. These professionals respect your home and belongings. This means that they will keep the wall color off of the trim work and vice versa as well as from your furnishings.

The painting companies in Portland can brighten your home and make it feel fresh and new. Visit ESP Painting, Inc. at to see how professional interior painters can spruce up your home’s interior.

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