Reduce Premiums with Advice from Harmon Insurance

If you’re like most people, opening your bills can be a stressful experience. As the economy recovers at a snail’s pace, the cost of living keeps going higher and higher every day. Very few salaries are actually keeping pace with inflation, so the only remaining option is to cut your overall costs, particularly for long-term recurring bills like insurance premiums. There are several minor and relatively inexpensive projects that can be done around the house to improve efficiency and safety, which can help convince your insurance company to knock a few bucks off the bottom line. Research from Harmon Insurance, one of the top leading home insurers, shows that making just one or two simple repairs and upgrades to your home can have a big impact.

When buying insurance, many homeowners have an agent come out, check out the property, and sign a contract without shopping around. Odds are that you wouldn’t buy a car or a television like that, so treat an insurance policy like shopping for any other consumable. With a few hours of online research, you can get a good idea of a reasonable rate for your desired level of coverage, which can come in handy when you talk to an agent. Some insurers are willing to match the prices of other policies, but you have to be willing to ask first. If you already have your Harmon Insurance policy in place, don’t just assume that it’s carved in stone. Call your agent up and explain that you’ve been looking a cheaper policy, and ask if his employer would be willing to cut the price. If this isn’t possible, ask your agent about any discounts that you may qualify for. When you’ve exhausted your options with the agent and insurer, start looking at your home. Small things like adding a security system, removing trees and shrubs that are too close to the house, and replacing old and inefficient windows and doors can sometimes reduce premiums.

Saving money isn’t something that happens without any effort on your part. If you’re serious about cutting your expenses and keeping more money in the bank, take some advice from Harmon Insurance, and talk to your agent about smart fixes and upgrades for your property.


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