Reasons to Invest in New Top Soil in Connecticut

The landscaping around the home has seen better days, so the owner decides the time has come to make a few changes. The project will involve more than simply buying some new shrubs and slapping a fresh coat of paint on the garage. There is also the need to invest in some new Top soil in Connecticut. Here are a few of the benefits that come with that decision.

Preparing the Yard for New Growth

Top soil in Connecticut is typically considered to be the first several inches of soil composing the ground. Over time, the soil can begin to lose the ability to retain nutrients and pass them on to plant growth. This can make the grass sparse in some places and seem to be overgrown in others. Since the soil is depleted, it also makes it hard for new plants to expand their network of roots and begin to thrive.

Choosing to invest in new topsoil revitalizes the land. When coupled with fertilizer, spreading fresh grass seeds and building new flower beds and islands will not be acts in futility. Instead, the new plants will take root and begin to grow. With proper tending, the landscape will begin to take on a lush look that the homeowner finds pleasing.

Holding Water

Another benefit of augmenting with some fresh topsoil is that the lawn will hold water more efficiently. Water is essential to plant growth and aids in moving nutrients to the roots of different plants. If the water runs off the land too quickly, this never happens. New topsoil will hold the water efficiently and ensure that the plants are getting the moisture they need.

Allowing for Proper Drainage

The right topsoil will also ensure that the drainage of excess water occurs. While retaining enough to nourish plant life, the rest will run off with relative ease. This helps to eliminate spots that become soaked and cause plants to turn yellow and die. Deciding how much topsoil is needed depends on considering what type of ground is found underneath. A landscaping professional can assess the type of ground present and make recommendations.

For homeowners who are ready to make some updates to their yards, call the team at Dunning Sand & Gravel. They can provide help in deciding what types of materials are needed and how much will do the job properly.

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