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Reasons to Consider Cremation in San Pablo for Your Loved One

A decision that you’ll need to make when a loved one dies is whether they will be buried or cremated. Here are a few benefits of cremation to consider, especially if you don’t have the budget for a casket and the other details associated with a burial.

Inside Your Budget

The funeral cremation cost in San Pablo is one of the reasons why you might want to consider this funeral service as an option. It’s often a fraction of the price that you would pay for a traditional burial, and you can still have many of the same details as you would for a funeral service, such as visitation and a memorial. If the deceased doesn’t have an insurance policy or money set aside, then this could be the best option in order to save money.


Aside from the funeral cremation cost in San Pablo, there are several options regarding where the person’s ashes are buried, scattered, or kept. You can scatter them at a favorite location, such as a lake or on a hillside. The urn can be kept on a shelf in someone’s home or placed in a mausoleum. The remains can also be buried, but you would still save money with this option as you wouldn’t have to purchase a casket.


With cremation, you’re going to be able to have the same types of services as you would if the person would be buried. You won’t need to have pallbearers, but you can still have a memorial with flowers, music, and a speaker.

Learn more about the benefits of cremation by contacting St. Joseph’s Cemetery and Funeral Center.

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