Questions About An Accident Injury Trial When Hiring A Lawyer In Vancouver

Legal representation may be necessary if you have been involved in an accident, received an injury and choose to bring charges against the other party, An accident injury lawyer Vancouver attorney can help you get compensated for lost wages and medical bills. Below are the answers to questions you may have concerning the legal proceedings.

How can an attorney help me if I received injuries in an accident? Depending on the specifics of your accident and injuries, you may be entitled to repayment from the other party involved. A lawyer will represent you in a court of law in which your case will be decided by an impartial jury. You may be able to receive rectification for loss of wages if you were unable to perform your job duties because of your injuries. Medical costs resulting from your injuries, due to the accident, can also be recovered. If you have been in pain or experienced any emotional anguish, you may be entitled to restitution. Your legal costs and attorney fees can also be paid for by the other party.

How will my attorney prepare my case for me? Attorneys have many obligations when preparing a case for trial. One of the duties of an accident injury lawyer Vancouver attorney is to investigate the claim. After speaking with you to get the details of the case, your lawyer may also have to examine hospital or police records. He will also interview any witnesses and gather any evidence in your case. Your attorney will take all of this information into consideration and if necessary, he may need to research case law.

What can I expect during a jury trial? After the jury is selected, the court proceedings will begin. Both attorneys will have the opportunity to make an opening statement. Witnesses from each side will be interviewed on the stand by both attorneys. After all of the witnesses have testified, each lawyer will speak to the jury to summarize their case. The jury will receive instructions from the judge before they go behind closed doors to decide the case.

Instead of going to trial, both parties may choose to settle out of court in which an agreement of compensation is reached.

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