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Pre-Owned Porsche for Sale: The 2004 Boxster 550 S Anniversary Edition

If you have ever looked at a pre-owned Porsche for sale in Philadelphia, it was probably not the 2004 Porsche Boxster 550 S Anniversary Edition. This is a rare and very coveted vehicle. In the world of performance car collectors, owning one ranks high.

Now a Pre-owned Porsche

For sale in 2004, the “Boxster S Special Edition” or the “550 Spyder Boxster S Special Edition,” this car was designed to celebrate 50 years of the 550 and the last year of the 986. Less than 2,000 of this model – 1,953, to be exact, came off the production line. Only five hundred were provided for the American market. This alone makes it a much sought-after Porsche. American collectors from Philadelphia to San Francisco long to purchase it.

It was also desirable when it hit the market. While the Boxter S Special Edition could do everything the S model for that year could and did (with just a little more power), it was designed to be far more eye-catching. In both interior and exterior looks, it was distinctive. All vehicles featured a silver exterior. The interiors were a deep mocha color – many were painted by hand to achieve the desired look. The interior did boast one extra – a superb Bose sound system while the exterior added xenon-beam headlamps with a wash/wipe system.

The Special Edition Boxter S

This pre-owned Porsche for sale is not affordable. It is expensive. However, many car collectors would be willing to pay exceptional prices for what they perceive as an extraordinary car.

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