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Plastic Fabricator California: Acrylic Fabrication

A plastic fabricator in California can offer customers diverse types of custom fabrication. These include everything from design to CNC machining to assembly and packaging. A common process is acrylic fabrication.

What Is Acrylic Plastic?

Acrylic is a specific type of plastic material. It is transparent in nature but possesses qualities that make it suitable for formatting into an object or shape. It:

  • Has exceptional strength
  • Possesses stiffness,
  • Is clear and transparent
  • Bonds well with both solvents and adhesives
  • Can be easily thermoformed.
  • Has excellent weathering properties

Plastic fabricators also use it not only because it is simple to fabricate but also because the result is esthetically pleasing.

What Is Acrylic Fabrication?

Acrylic fabrication is the practice of taking a piece of acrylic plastic and turning it into an item. This requires cutting the material using a lathe or other cutting tool. Another piece of equipment is a mold or similar object that mimics the desired form or shape exactly. The acrylic plastic is heated – sometimes using an annealing machine. When it becomes pliable, it is then placed over or poured into the object. Compressed air then is used to help realize the piece.


For a plastic fabricator in California, acrylic fabrication presents the opportunity to produce a range of products. Acrylic plastic is excellent to produce durable exterior/interior signs and skylights. It can also be fabricated on a smaller scale being made into retail or trade show displays. In whatever format acrylic plastic appears, it is always sure to catch the eye.

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