Photofacials: Good for Both Teens & Adults

You may have heard of Photofacials and have wondered – “What’s all the rage about”? These facial procedures are growing in popularity and have become increasingly common in mainstream medical spas throughout the country. Photofacials are a safe, effective and efficient way of transforming your skin; they carry little risk and have almost instantly gratifying effects on the look and feel of your derma. While other treatment options are more suitable for adults only, this is one procedure that has been proven safe and effective for both teens and adults, alike.

Photofacials – How do They Work?

Photofacials in Chicago are a relatively common cosmetic procedure that can greatly improve the look and feel of your skin. Administered by licensed medical professionals, more and more medical spas in the area are offering this as a treatment option for those with skin ailments or other dissatisfactions. Typically a thirty minute procedure or so, photofacials utilize bright, intense blasts of light that pulsate and penetrate the skin. The energy from photofacials triggers new cell growth. This helps to stimulate the loss of the top-most layer of skin to reveal an under layer of blush, beautifully bright derma. Photofacials are an extremely effective way to transform your skin in a safe manner.

Photofacials for Teens

Being a teenager is difficult enough – add in some stubborn acne and other skin complications and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. Adolescence can be a painful, stressful and unfortunate period of time, to say the least. Your hormones are raging, causing your skin to fluctuate uncontrollably. For teens who suffer from more severe cases of acne, rosacea, scarring and other prevalent skin afflictions, photofacials in Chicago may be a viable treatment option. Photofacials are proven safe for all skin types – even those of young teenagers with the most reactive, angry and hormonal skin. This treatment option can reduce painful acne and associated scarring for healthier looking skin for years to come. For those of you who may be considering this type of procedure, it is best to first meet with a doctor or trained medical professional to determine if this option is practical and realistic for your individual needs.

Photofacials for Adults

Photofacials in Chicago are an excellent option for adults, as well. Individuals who might be looking for a safe, effective and prompt treatment option for skin damage associated with the sun, environmental pollutants, tobacco use or the aging process can find satisfaction in the photo facial procedure. The stimulation of new cell growth can help revitalize the derma by replacing lost elasticity and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other skin abnormalities.

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