Path to Sales Excellence Using Readily Available Data

by | Aug 17, 2013 | Computer And Software

Salespeople in the B2B industry know the importance of pursuing sales excellence through the use of updated sales effectiveness applications. These applications are powered by technology that filters complex and contradictory results out of the mix. For those who have been around the block a time or two, this may seem like an impossible task, especially when we are talking about the dirty data that pollutes much of the sales information in B2B sales.

However, software can be calibrated to account for dirty data, giving you results that are relevant and responsive to transitory dynamics in the market, as well as customer habits. You can get this information using readily-accessible data, such as basic customer information, product structures and approximately one and a half to two years of customer transactions as part of a preparatory context.

Once that kind of context is established, the information can be used to accurately evaluate customer data. This will generate profiles that show purchasing patterns, as well as demarcate opportunities for expansion or recovery. Other functions include a capacity to see where other otherwise unseen opportunities may exist (for example, in prioritizing sales to maximize both profit and stability based upon quantifiable data).

The ability to detect early signs of defection can also be a valuable tool in sales excellence strategies to stabilize a customer base, and reduce competitive inroads into the market. What’s more, software technology can be used to perform these tasks on every single customer, routinely and automatically, which is not only useful and essential to sales excellence, but extremely efficient as well.

The delivery of the subsequent results utilizes modern technology platforms which can be integrated into whatever types of systems sales people use on an individual basis, whether CRM or SFA, as well as through e-mail notifications, or mobile apps, providing up to date and relevant, real-time opportunity information to sales teams and individuals in a way never before possible.

As strategies are updated and implemented, management can keep track of performance. Interactive dashboards and automated reportage can provide managers with the ability to track action and implementation of sales strategies in real-time. The need to wait for all the final numbers to come in before auditing processes, once critical for business intelligence, is a thing of the past. The potential of innovative software technology that produces this kind of visibility throughout the entire market base can help managers to truly focus on real priorities and optimize sales excellence in an unprecedented way.


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