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Need Air Conditioning Repair? Call Experts

There was a time when homeowners could fix their air conditioning problems, but technology has changed that. Today’s HVAC systems are often complex and include sensitive controls that should only be repaired or replaced by experts like Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning. These carefully-trained professionals provide quality, manufacturer-recommended parts and Air Conditioning Repair. They also create healthier homes and can help customers save money.

Specialists Provide Emergency Repairs

Most air conditioning companies offer emergency services, and some respond 24/7. When they show up, technicians bring the equipment needed for most Air Conditioning Repair. They are trained to work on dozens of different types of equipment and can quickly get any parts that they need. Professionals are often able to service systems and offer fixes that extend the lives of air conditioning systems. Many also offer maintenance contracts that include several inspections a year and can prevent emergency breakdowns.

Experts Improve Home Air

HVAC professionals often routinely test the quality of home air. That is because the EPA has identified indoor air pollution as a major health problem. It can happen when years of dust, mold, chemicals and pet hair accumulate and begin to circulate through vent systems. These toxins can aggravate health conditions like allergies and asthma. When technicians find that air has degraded, they often suggest solutions like whole-house filters or humidifiers. Many also clean vents in order to remove layers of fungus and debris.

Professionals Help Clients Save Money

When A/C systems are too broken or inefficient to fix, professionals can offer energy-efficient replacement equipment. Technicians help customers choose units which are exactly the right size for their homes and then they expertly install them. Replacement air conditioning systems usually lower energy bills dramatically and many HVAC companies offer money-saving promotions and discounts on new equipment. Installing energy-efficient units can also qualify customers for impressive energy rebates and tax credits.

HVAC professionals offer fast, expert repair services designed to make units last for years, and they can improve the quality of customers’ indoor air. Professionals also provide and install energy-efficient replacement equipment that can save their customers a lot of money.

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