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Must See Apartments in Downtown San Diego

You may think that you have seen the best apartments in downtown San Diego but you have not seen it all. There is a clear difference in real estate offerings in this area. Most of the apartments that you have come across, even the ones that are dubbed “luxury” apartments will be a sore disappointment when you take a look at what super prime looks like. Before you make any decisions there are apartments that you must see.

Ethereal, Utopic, Newly Defined

Home has to be a sanctuary. It is the base on which you build your lifestyle. Home can be defined as the foundation of how you live and experience life. Typically, words like utopic, ethereal and newly defined are not assigned to a place that is also called home not because those words are not good descriptions but because it can be difficult to find a home that invokes those words, until now.

Newly Defined Luxury

If you have been shopping in the area for an apartment the word luxury gets thrown around a lot but it may not always describe what you are viewing adequately. Luxury is NOT:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Your own climate control thermostat
  • A door man

There is a building that is changing the standard of luxury by taking things to the next level in design elements, services and amenities. Luxury is being defined on a completely different level. A truly luxurious apartment is housed in a building that is built on the premise that lifestyle is everything and every service, amenity and design element has been designed for a luxury lifestyle.

Before you buy anywhere else or make a decision about what a luxury lifestyle truly is you have to see the apartments at Pacific Gate By Bosa and soak in what your lifestyle could be.

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