Multiple Options for Storage Units in Tarpon Springs, FL

Most companies that offer Storage Units in Tarpon Springs, FL include various sizes to accommodate personal or commercial needs. Renters select the size they need or want based on what items are to be stored. Units are typically advertised in dimensions of width and length. A unit that is five by five refers to one that is five feet wide by five feet long. That may be plenty of space for boxes but may not work for over-sized items, which leads to the renter paying for a bigger unit than necessary.

Adding another Dimension

A locally owned and operated company also offer renters a choice of different heights. The five by five units available, for example, have ceilings from three feet to twelve feet tall. The difference in ceiling heights allows more flexibility to accommodate needs. A small surf shop owner seeking storage for overstock inventory can elect to lay boards down flat and stack them or have them leaning upright against the walls. Paddles, kayaks, and canoes can be stood up against the walls as well in taller units.

Different Types of Units

In addition to traditional storage units located at facilities, there are entirely different types of storage offered as well. Parking stalls for vehicles, motor-homes, boats, and trailers are also available. Renters have a choice of inside or outside stalls. A vehicle with a tarp over it can remain clean and protected in an outside parking stall. Extensive security features mean vehicles will be safe even when parked outside.

Mobile storage units in Tarpon Springs, FL off-site are also available in a variety of sizes. This option is perfect for storing raw materials at a factory that operates three full shifts. It also works well for public works departments and military installations. People have access to items right on their property for convenience and to reduce any production downtime.


Mailboxes in different sizes are yet another type of unit available. These are also offered both inside and outside. Selection assistance and free storage estimates are provided by experienced staff. Extended staffing hours means help is around when it is needed. Prospective renters can read more about us online or visit one of several locations to view units before deciding on which one will suit their needs.

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