Assisted Living

Moving to Independent Living in a CCRC as a Practical Choice

When a person has been diagnosed with a condition that is likely to become disabling, this individual may decide to make living arrangements for the future. Eventually, moving to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) could seem like the best option. A CCRC in Wilmington, NC, offers arrangements from independent living to full-time nursing supervision. People can live there and never have to move to a different community.

A Practical Decision

This is a practical choice when the person considers probabilities. Not everyone diagnosed with neuromuscular, autoimmune, or cognitive disorders becomes disabled. For some individuals, the condition progresses very slowly or goes into remission. Others pass away before their symptoms become debilitating. However, someone who is ready to move to an independent senior living apartment might choose a CCRC in Wilmington, NC, as a precaution.


The apartment floor plans, amenities, dining services, and cost are typically the most important priorities for independent living. People planning for a probable future of moving to assisted living will want to learn about the quality of care provided as well.


An individual who can still live independently may prefer a community located near certain businesses and other attractions within easy walking or biking distance. Someone with a car may look for a community that is just a short drive from a grocery store, big box store, and golf course. Some men and women like to live fairly close to the ocean.

Anyone who has these preferences may check out the website of Porters Neck Village at

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