Mistakes To Avoid When Using Furring Channel

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Aluminium

There are several different reasons to use furring channel, more commonly known as hat channel, in all types of construction. When used with gypsum board on walls and ceilings it is often installed to help to create a sound barrier by creating a gap between the wall or ceiling and the gypsum board.

This is also the go-to option for ceilings and walls where there may not be a level surface. By using the furring, particularly on ceilings, clips can be used to hold the channel in place and adjusted up and down to offset any uneven areas, resulting in the interior of the finished ceiling being perfectly level. The same is true with walls that bend in or bulge; the furring provides a level surface to then attach the gypsum or paneling.

Not Choosing the Right Size

When it comes to furring channel, there are two things to consider. Once is depth or the height of the “hat” part of the channel. This is particularly important when sound barriers are the primary reason for using the furring in the first place. With more depth, there can be extra space or the possibility for insulation or sound absorbing materials to be used to deaden any sound through the walls or ceiling.

It will be important to choose the hat channel in the right gauge to support the panels. Additionally, make sure the flanges on the sides of the furring that will attach to the walls or ceiling are wide enough to support the screws used to fasten the channel to the rafter or existing walls.

Not Using Enough Fasteners

When using furring channel for anything, including to affix to concrete walls to then apply gypsum or paneling, it is important to use an adequate number of fasteners to prevent the channel from bowing outwards or twisting.

This is also true if you are using metal channel clips or tie wire on ceilings to create a drop ceiling. Make sure to alternate the placement of the fasteners down the length for increased strength and weight bearing capacity.

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