Long Bed Conversion of Ram mega cab in California Creates the Perfect Vehicle

A person shopping for a pickup truck may be happy to find a particular type of Ram mega cab in California but still wish for a longer bed. Fortunately, there are mechanics who can create a permanent extension for the truck bed, so the vehicle now has better-hauling capability. That’s great news for the person who really likes a specific style of the truck and wants to buy a used model, but also wants it converted to a longer-bed style.

All the names for pickup truck cabs can get a bit confusing, but in the long run, it doesn’t really matter whether the vehicle manufacturer calls it a mega cab, crew cab, club cab, quad cab or something else. The person who is shopping just has to know whether the most desirable model has two or four doors and a certain amount of seating space behind the front seat.

Knowing that a Ram mega cab in California can be converted to a long bed means no additional shopping for a used truck that already has that feature. Now one individual can have the heavy-duty pickup with four doors, which is what he or she most wants. It’s even easier to find the truck in specific colors and with optional features when it doesn’t also need to have a long bed at the time of purchase.

A company such as Precision Bodyline works with each customer to design a complete truck package that turns the existing model into one that is more suitable for specific needs. If the vehicle owner needs a trailer hitch or running boards installed on the Ram mega cab in California, this company can do those projects as well.

Now, the big cab size seats several people while still being able to haul lumber, paneling, machinery and other items. At night, the owner can take the spouse and another couple out for dinner, using the truck as a chauffeured vehicle for these people. The next morning, the truck can be turned back into a workhorse. It’s the best of all worlds when it comes to heavy-duty pickup trucks.

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