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Living at Home While Saving to Rent a College Student Apartment

Some university students never live in a residence hall, even when this is generally required during the first year or two. For instance, older students typically are exempt from this requirement. Those who live with family also do not have to move into a residence hall. Continuing to live with one’s parents can be an effective strategy to save money and move into one of the off-campus State College PA student apartments later on.


These young adults commonly can pay less by renting an apartment with roommates compared with living on campus. They have the advantage of making their own menu plans and preparing what they happen to feel like eating on any given day. Someone who would like to have a feline friend in the home can choose pet-friendly State College PA student apartments.

Financial Considerations

Many college students work to pay for various expenses. When a student continues living at home for two or three years and also works part-time, it’s easier to save money for future living expenses. Some of the money might be put in savings for longer-term intentions, while a larger portion is directed toward those later years of education.

With this financial cushion, it may be possible to cut back on work hours as the junior and senior course load becomes more rigorous. That is important for students who might otherwise have trouble maintaining a high grade point. They won’t need to give up extracurricular activities that help keep their lifestyles more balanced.

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