Landscaping in Charlottesville VA in Three Big Steps

Properties are bought and sold by the hour, and with the purchase of a new home comes often the precarious process of getting it in great shape. Whether the property was built to live in or to flip and sell, getting the landscaping up to par is essential in making the home comfortable for whoever decides to live in it. There are three main steps to getting a property in the right shape for the long term. Contact them today to learn more details about the below three areas of field maintenance.

Reducing the Clutter the Smart Way

The first main step is to reduce all the clutter. Many homes that were on the market for an extended period of time will see unwelcome weed growth. Many people know that weeds, once removed, can see to come back in no short time. So part of reducing the clutter involves laying down special weed growing poison that will severely detriment further weed growth. Special chemicals are used in the Landscaping in Charlottesville VA area to promote long term health and vitality in the yard space.

Stump Removal:

Delicate and Precise

A lot can be discussed about stump removal. The most important part of the stump removal is not what is seen on the surface but what is going on underneath. Now many specialists may commit to stump grinding, which is a process that runs a mower type machine over the stump until it is flatted and invisible, allowing grass to grow through it and break it up beneath the surface so it decays. Some experts may actually use chemicals to kill the roots so they decay into the soil. On a minor note, this makes for healthier soil and promotes quality grass growth.

Controlling Pests

The one thing that can ruin all of this in no time at all is an especially frustrating pest. Pest control is not a one-time fix but a continued process. Experts can lay the groundwork at the onset to promote healthy growth, and return periodically to continue pest maintenance in the yard

Landscaping in Charlottesville VA involves at least three main areas of maintenance. Without applying all three, a property may look nice for a few months. But overgrowth and poor quality control will see the place turn to shambles in no time, as it was before the landscaping.

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