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Keeping Up with Modern Bathroom Remodeling Trends in Chicago

Known for its skyline, Chicago sets style and architectural trends across the Midwest. Moreover, the words that describe Chicago home trends are sleek, minimalist, and modern. However, Chicago home trends are also comfortable and functional. Those trends include bathroom remodeling in Chicago homes.

If you have thought about bathroom remodeling in Chicago, consider taking a minimalist approach. By using quality materials, such as natural stone, neutral-colored ceramic tile, and flat panel cabinetry, you can achieve a clean, sophisticated look. It’s not only easy to live with, but it’s also easy to maintain and clean.

However, dramatic, and unusual plumbing fixtures can add a visual punch; chunky, matte black faucets or curvy, copper-colored fixtures act as pieces of functional art. You can also find fixtures that connect to your smartphone.

Today’s bathrooms are also wired for connectivity. Your toilet, sink, shower, and mirror can all be connected to apps or voice commands. For example, you can set the temperature of your shower or flush the toilet through voice commands. Vanity mirror lights can be adjusted by voice command too. To say the least, technology is revolutionizing bathrooms.

From marble shower enclosures and artful plumbing fixtures to complete connectivity, Chicago bathrooms are not only beautiful but also cutting-edge. There is no reason to live with an ugly, outdated bathroom. If you are considering bathroom remodeling in Chicago, update your style with quality materials and the latest technology.

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