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Is A CNC Milling Service The Right Choice?

Machining is a general term used to describe a group of different processes that are used to remove material from a workpiece to create the desired shape. In other words, machining actually subtracts material from the original material.

Machining includes milling, turning, lathing, drilling and boring, with the equipment able to remove chips, which may also be called swarf, shavings or turnings. Today, for precision control to extremely high tolerances, CNC or computer numerical control equipment is most often required.
A CNC milling service is capable of performing two different functions. It is able to drill as well as to cut away the material into the precise shape required. Most of the new designs of CNC milling machines offer multiple axes that allow for horizontal, vertical and up and down movement as well as some equipment providing the option for diagonal movement.

The Possibilities

One of the reasons that a CNC milling service is often the best choice is the number of options for movement along the various axes. The workpiece stays in one place while the rotating cutting or drilling tool moves along the pathway on the specific axis as determined by the computer drawing and model.

This ensures that each piece is created identically from the original. Also, without the need to constantly change machines or to change positions of the workpiece to achieve the shapes, the process is faster and more efficient. This, in turn, means that it is lower in cost than using multiple machines with increased time and the need for manual transitions.

Prototype to Production

For a company needing a prototype developed, a CNC milling service is also an ideal choice. By working with the machining service to develop the computer model and then the prototype, the machining company is already to move into production once your parts and components are approved.

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