Invest In Your Baby’s Development with Learning Toys

by | Feb 1, 2013 | Shopping

When you’re an expectant parent, you’re really keen on getting everything ready for your future baby’s room. You spend your time choosing the perfect theme and color, and you would like to choose the furniture that would suit both your needs and that of your child as well. In line with this, you’d also want to look into the long-term development in your child’s life which also means investing in baby learning toys that would stimulate hand and eye coordination and enhance all their five senses. Babies don’t fully develop their sight and hearing until their sixth month; toys that have bright colors and pleasing sounds can definitely help in their development. Moreover, toys like this help them test their hands and fingers with grasping.

Most baby learning toys are designed towards enhancing three specific senses — sight, hearing and touch. In fact during this early stage of development you would notice the exaggerated designs and colors of the toys you could purchase for their age group. Their design ranges from various patterns, shapes and colors. Nowadays the trend of colors goes with a more minimalist feel; you’d often see crib mobiles and various crib accessories in colors of black, red and white. This is to stimulate the baby’s fuzzy vision. This is also why toy designers make them fit for cribs — since babies spend most of their time there.

For hearing stimulation you would often see crawling mats that have sound buttons underneath so that when a baby rolls over or moves his or her weight on it, the mat will make a sound. You may want to also purchase small cloth doll with a little bell that jingles every time the baby moves it or picks it up. Usually dolls like this are made up of soft cloth that is easy to wash. More advanced toys would have a talking mechanism inside; this makes the doll speak or sing rather than just create some bell sounds. This sort of toy is ideal for babies since it is soft; it is definitely safe and washable making it easier for you to ensure your baby’s good health.

Another educational toy idea that would be beneficial for long-term development is children’s books. If you know how good it is to read or sing to your baby while you’re pregnant, the same principle goes for newborns. Their sense of hearing develops with sounds and using your voice as a tool can definitely send a better message of how much you are committed to their happiness as a parent. You have to develop the habit of reading to them regularly. Choose books that will not only last till the first few months; find books that can be used until they’re running all around the place. Books are definitely the best investment you can spend on for your child’s development and education.

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