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Innovative Medical Technologies are Revolutionizing Orthopedic Medicine

One of the most wonderful things about technology is its ability to help the world of medicine in profound and effective ways. In the past, many orthopedic doctors have had to rely on highly invasive surgeries in order to help heal their patients. Today, orthobiologics are changing all of that as this rapidly growing field is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to orthopedic surgeries. Utilizing cell based therapies and biomaterials doctors are better able to facilitate healing in their patients from the inside out. These revolutionary techniques are less invasive than traditional surgeries, and oftentimes more effective.

Restore Your Quality of Life while Avoiding Surgery

On the science side, Orthobiologic therapies work by collecting proteins and cells that are naturally found within the human body. These cells and proteins work together to encourage the regeneration of healthy musculoskeletal tissues including; cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and bone. Not only does this method of treatment heal the body and speed up the recovery process, it also restores quality of life to many individuals who suffer from limited function due to injuries while avoiding surgery. While surgery is not always avoidable, this is still an impressive option as in the past surgery was the only option for many issues that can be solved with this seemingly more holistic treatment option.

Orthobiologic Treatment Options May Be Closer Than You Think

If you are suffering from issues associated with bone, cartilage, tendon, or ligament pain and need an orthopedic doctor in Oklahoma City, Dr. Calvin Johnson may be able to help you heal while avoiding surgery. He has helped countless patients who suffer from arthritis, or sport related injuries restore their quality of life utilizing cutting edge technologies like orthobiologics. Find out if you are a good candidate for this innovative therapy, contact his office and start your healing journey today.

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