Information You Need to Know About Oil Changes on Your Auto

Oil is used in cars to lubricate the moving components in an engine and to prevent friction from building up. If an automobile does not have oil, the engine can lock up and make the vehicle undrivable. This can result in expensive repairs to have the motor replaced for the automobile to be drivable again. In most vehicles, oil changes in Moline IL area should be performed every 3,000 miles to prevent the costly repairs. While conventional oil requires the fluid to be changed at 3,000 to remove sludge and particles from the engine. Synthetic oils can extend that time up to 6,000 miles before the fluid must be changed.

Other Factors that Influence Oil Changes

  • Automobiles that carry heavy or loads require frequent oil changes in Moline, IL.
  • Vehicles that travel on gravel or dirt roads often.
  • People that drive at a high speed.
  • An older engine will require the oil to be changed frequently compared to newer ones.
  • Automobiles that are used in extremely cold or hot environments.

Protect Your Engine by Visiting a Trusted Auto Shop

While various factors affect how your automobile preforms and can determine how long the vehicle will last. Routine oil changes are the easiest and most cost-effective way to properly maintain your car. Bi-State Auto Service Center offers the services you require to ensure your engine stays in prime condition to provide you with a dependable automobile. For over 40 years, they have delivered the affordable and high-quality workmanship that each client relies on to optimize how their vehicle performs. Whether you require an oil change or experiencing a more severe problem. They will work diligently to find the solution you deserve at a reasonable price. Why risk the future of your car when you have access to a team of certified techniciana that is focused on your automobile care?

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