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Inflatables, Bounce Houses, Dunk Tanks, Dance Floors, & More In Newburg OR

If you want to throw a family-oriented party, we have you covered. At Botten’s Equipment and Event Rental, we have more than 1,000 rentals in our inventory. We will get to some of those rentals in a moment. Prior to doing so, you should know the basics.

We operate in Newburg and McMinnville, we are open seven days per week, we pride ourselves on punctuality and accuracy, and you will find our prices to be more than fair. We are also family-owned, which means friendlier and more trustworthy service. Now that you have that information, let’s move on to the fun part.

Party Time

Whether you’re seeking a Bounce House Rental in Newberg, OR or a

Dance Floor In McMinnville OR, we’re here for you. You might have immediately noticed that there’s a big difference between a bounce house and a dance floor. That shows our range of available rentals at Botten’s Equipment and Event Rental.

Our most popular rentals are inflatables, bounce houses, dunk tanks, games, concession equipment, games, and catering-related rentals. In regards to the latter, customers appreciate this because it’s seamless opposed to having to contact a bunch of different vendors, which can be frustrating, confusing, and expensive.

Kids Party

If you happen to be throwing a kids party, then you definitely want to consider inflatables and a Bounce House Rental in Newberg, OR. The bounce house is always a huge home run. This is simply because kids rarely have a chance to bounce. It’s new to them. It’s also fun, and it will keep them occupied for hours.

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