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Important Details About Bail Bonds in Kingston, NY

In New York, bail bonds are available to any criminal defendants who are eligible for bail. The judge explains any requirements for bail during the defendant’s arraignment. A local bonding agent provides different types of bail bonds in Kingston, NY to meet the needs of eligible defendants.

The Percentage Required by the Bail Bondsman

The standard percentage for bail bonds is between ten and fourteen percent of the bail amount. The bonding agent calculates the exact total for the payment and provides details to the criminal defendant’s representative.

Details You Need to Know About the Defendant

The defendant’s full name, booking number, date of birth, and the name of the jail where they are being held are the details needed by the bonding agent. The representative could obtain the booking number from the correctional officers at the jail or through the criminal court clerk in the county where the jail is located.

Stipulations and Terms of the Release

The stipulations and terms of the release are explained to the defendant during out-processing. The correctional officers explain any activities that could lead to a new arrest. Typically, the defendants aren’t allowed to drink alcohol even if they are over 21 and are prohibited from using any controlled substances. A violation of the terms could lead to another arrest and revocation of the bail bond.

Is There a Protection Order in the Case?

In cases such as domestic violence, the court issues a protection order for the victim. The defendant isn’t allowed to visit or contact the victim pending the court date. If the defendant violates the terms of the order, they will be subject to a new charge and will go back to jail. In some cases, the violation prevents the defendant from obtaining a new bail bond.

In New York, bail bonds are provided after the defendant’s representative pays a predetermined percentage. The bonding agent manages all documentation and delivers the paperwork to the jail after a judge signs it. The terms of the release could lead to a new arrest if the defendant violates the terms of their release. Criminal defendants who need to bail bonds in Kingston, NY can click here for more info now.

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