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How to Tell if Swimming Pool Liner Replacement in Connecticut is Needed

A vinyl pool liner will usually last between eight and twelve years with proper care and maintenance. In fact, many of these liners will not show any signs of wear during this period of time. However, as time passes, the pool chemicals and weather can cause deterioration of the liner, which can lead to serious issues. swimming pool liner replacement in Connecticut can be expensive, so it is essential to know what signs indicate the liner needs to be replaced.

Deterioration and Cracks

As time passes, vinyl pool liners can deteriorate because of harsh ultraviolet light and the chemicals used to keep the water safe to swim in. This deterioration can lead to cracks in the liner. If there are tears or cracks present, chances are the pool is leaking. These leaks can be small and unseen by the naked eye. In order to determine if this issue is present, it is essential to monitor the water level over seven days. If the liner does have cracks in several areas, there is a good chance the leaks are present, which will become too much to fix.

Stains or Fading

Pool liners can fade from exposure to the sun and due to chemicals and sunlight. Rust stains and significant algae are not able to be removed. If severe fading is present, this is another sign of an issue with deterioration. While the majority of modern pool liners will resist deterioration and fading, they are not completely impervious to it. With the fading of the vinyl, the plasticizers will also deteriorate, which can cause the liner to be brittle. If this occurs, swimming pool liner replacement in Connecticut is necessary.

For more information about when a replacement liner is needed, Contact Treats Pools & Spas. Here, a pool owner can discover what they need to know about their pool liner and determine if it is time for a liner replacement. Pool liners can be costly, but are an essential component for pool function and health. Take some time to evaluate the pool liner regularly to ensure it is not damaged or needs any type of repair.

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