How to Select Marijuana Products in Shoreline, WA?

by | May 28, 2019 | Cannabis Store

Since the legalization of cannabis in some states, multiple types of Marijuana Products in Shoreline WA are available. There are many brands, strains, and delivery methods to consider when selecting the right products. Those unfamiliar with the cannabis industry will have a difficult time deciding what product to try, how each type works, and which ratio of chemicals will provide the desired result.

Product Variations

Marijuana is now available in extracts, topical creams, edibles, joints to be smoked, vapors to be inhaled, candles, flowers and buds, and ointments. Each product category includes several different products. Edibles, for example, can be candies, cookies, brownies, fruit chews, among others. The sheer volume of choices can be completely overwhelming for a new customer.

How Each Work

Marijuana products in Shoreline WA work in a host of ways. The effects, when they will begin, and how long they will last depend on a few factors. The strain is one factor. Products high in the THC component of cannabis will provide psychoactive effects which cause the high, buzz, and mind-altering feeling people desire in recreational products. It is the CBD component that provides the therapeutic, medicinal, and relaxing benefits of marijuana.

Wait Time

Products that are ingested must go through the digestive system before benefits are noticeable. That can take thirty to sixty-minutes when consumed on an empty stomach or several hours when eaten after a meal. Topical creams take less time because the product is absorbed into the blood stream faster than edibles. Smoking, aromatherapy, and vapors are also short-acting due to the mucus membranes in the nose and throat.


The two main chemicals in the marijuana plant are the THC and CBD already mentioned. Items will have a posted ratio of parts of THC to parts of CBD. It is this ratio of chemicals which dictates the strength and desired results a product will provide.

A high level of THC, such as a ratio of 5:1, will result in high psychoactive effects along with minimal medicinal benefits. With so much to consider in each product, it is wise for first-time customers and those seeking a new experience to schedule an appointment with a consultant in a licensed dispensary or local shop. Consultants can ask questions regarding the purpose of use and explain what products will be suitable.

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