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How to Handle a Honey Bee Swarm in Dublin OH

While honey bees are a positive part of society, that does not mean people want them near their homes and around their children. A honey bee swarm could become dangerous if the bees feel threatened. A Honey Bee Swarm in Dublin OH should be handled properly if anyone ever comes in contact with one. The swarm’s safe removal will bode well for everyone involved.

Colony Extraction

The entire colony has to be extracted from the area if the job is going to be done. Many people rush to kill the bees, but this is not the wisest option. Using pesticides to kill the insects could result in a more aggressive swarm, and may also leave a cluster of bees and honey behind, causing an odor. Instead, the goal should be to safely extract the colony from the area by using a box and scooping the entire bee nest into it. This must be done quickly if it is going to work well.

Use Soapy Water

Rather than killing off bees with insecticides, soapy water can be used just as well. The soap will prove toxic to the bees and ensure they are killed off. This process should only be done as a last resort, as relocation is truly best for everyone. It should also be completed at night when the bees are not likely to be active. This will lessen the chances of the bees attacking, and give the homeowners more time to work on eliminating all of them at once. This option is typically best for single bees found in the home, rather than an entire colony.

Contact a Wildlife Pro

A Wildlife Pro handles many cases of nuisance animals, insects, and other critters in and around the home. Contacting a pro is often the best solution when the homeowner cannot safely remove the creatures from their home alone.

Honey Bee Swarms in Dublin OH require careful handling. The swarm may be harmless at first but will become defensive when provoked. Visit Your Ohio Wildlife Pro to learn more about the methods utilized for bee removal. There are several options a professional may try to ensure all bees are eliminated from the area safely.

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