How to Ensure Clients Make Their Payments On-Time

The billing process for a business must be put through careful consideration because firms cannot operate properly if they do not have enough money coming in. There is quite a lot of money to be saved when a lawyer is called onto the case, and they may advise on the simplest methods for collecting on accounts. A business may require the services of an Indian trademark attorney if they prefer to work with an Indian staff, someone with international experience, and/or someone who understands Asian culture.

Tracking Work

A company that works for hire must track the man-hours that have been spent on each new project. Every client must have an invoice that carefully details the work they have been charged for, and the clients will receive these invoices regularly to ensure quick payment. A client who has been given many notifications for their invoices is more likely to pay, and an Indian trademark lawyer knows how to approach international clients with different sensibilities.

Clear Payment Expectations

Companies must set clear payment expectations with every client in their contract. When to make payments, how to make payments, and how long the grace period is must be included in the document. The insight of an Indian trademark lawyer will help when laying out payment terms for international clients, and each contract will be customized for the situation at hand.

Defined Follow-Up Strategies

Following up after 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days will help the client understand that they will be asked for their payment in a respectful manner. There is no need to deviate from this plan because the next step is the legal collection process, and the contract will reflect this. Remain in control of all global accounts with help from an Indian trademark lawyer who knows the American and international markets.

The Jayaram Law Group is a full-service law firm in Chicago that assists their clients in B2B transactions every day. They have experience with contracts and collections, and their Indian staff understands international markets and relations.

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