How to Deal with Ill-fitting Dentures in Brick Township, New Jersey

It’s normal for dentures to get loose over time. But as you probably know, dealing with poorly fitting dentures can be difficult and uncomfortable. If you have loose dentures, you probably want to know how you can deal with them. This article should help.

What Causes Dentures to Become Loose

When you lose teeth, your jawbone shrinks and changes shape. This can cause your dentures to get loose with time. It’s challenging to deal with loose dentures as they cause problems when eating and also interferes with your speech. Moreover, loose dentures can lead to further bone loss or even hurt the gums.

What to Do When Dentures Become Loose

If your dentures have become loose, you may consider having denture procedure (reline) done to refit the base of the dentures. Consult your prosthodontist to see if your dentures in Brick, NJ, can be relined. It’s important to know there are over-the-counter reline kits that can help in relining loose dentures. However, experts strongly recommend against using the over-the-counter reline kits because they easily damage your dentures.

It is essential to keep up with regular visits to your dentist to ensure your dentures in Brick, NJ, are always in good shape. Typically, you should have your dentures checked once every year, but you should always visit your prosthodontist whenever you have problems with your dentures. If you have been wearing your dentures for more than five years, you need to get new dentures in Brick, NJ.

If you have more queries regarding dentures, don’t hesitate to visit to book an appointment.

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