Bail Bonds

How to Afford Bail in Pontiac With Help From a Bondsman

After a person is arrested, they have the option of paying bail to be released from jail until their hearings are completed. The Bail in Pontiac is set based on the crime they have committed, but could be adjusted by a judge because they are a flight risk, they are a danger to the community, or for other reasons. Often, people cannot afford to pay the entire bail amount on their own. In these cases, they may want to seek help from a bondsman.

The full amount of Bail in Pontiac needs to be paid before the person can be released from jail. If they do not have the resources to cover this amount on their own, it is possible for them to get the help they need through a bondsman. A friend or family member can secure the bond by paying a percentage of the bail amount, usually 10%, or giving the bondsman something of value for collateral. Once the bond is secured, the bondsman will pay the full bail amount and the person will be released from jail until their hearings are completed.

It is important for the person to find out what the terms are for the bond. They will need to ensure they follow all of the terms. This could include not being arrested while on out on bail and going to each of their hearings. If they do not, the person, who secured the bond could be responsible for the remaining 90% or may forfeit their collateral. The arrested person will also have a bench warrant for their arrest and may not be able to secure bail again once they are arrested. As long as they follow all of the rules for the bond, they will remain out of jail until their hearings and the person who helped them will not lose any money.

Anyone who has Bailed in Pontiac and cannot afford to pay it in full can get help from a bondsman to secure their release. For more information, they can contact EZ1 Bail Bonds. As soon as they are able to secure a bond, they can be released until their hearings are complete and will be able to continue to work, hire a lawyer, and anything else they need to do to prepare for a trial.

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