How People Have Been Finding Parking in Chicago Since Cars Were Invented

Cars became a major part of city life during the early parts of the twentieth century. Immediately, people realized that there was a need to find ways to park cars. In the early 1920s, you would be hard-pressed to find a parking garage in Chicago. However, shortly after the introduction of automobiles, you did start to see parking meters. In fact, the first parking meter was invented in 1935.

If you went back to 1935, you would see that parking meters would run you about five cents for one hour. Retailers loved the idea of parking meters. They encouraged shoppers to come in and buy and then leave quickly before they had to pay another nickel. This meant there was a constant turnover of customers, and there was a constant availability of parking for new customers.

A few years later, governments started to enforce off-street parking requirements. If you see a parking garage in Chicago today, its existence is owed to the fact that the government started to put regulations on where people could park, how long people could park in certain areas, and areas where parking was restricted.

Cities like Chicago are experiencing a rapid population explosion. They need to make the most out of their infrastructure. One way of doing this is focusing on providing quality parking at an affordable rate for its citizens.

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