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How Do You Know It’s Time for a Complete Window Replacement in Wheaton, IL?

Like many aspects of a home, windows are made to last for a long time. Even so, there’s a good chance that you may need to replace them at some point. How do you know that the time for new windows has arrived? Here are a few common signs that you should discuss the idea of a window replacement in Wheaton, IL with a local contractor.

One key sign is windows that no longer work properly. Some of them won’t budge at all, while others will only remain open if you use something to prop up a sash. Neither situation is all that great. If you invest in new windows, they will open and close whenever you like.

Another indication that a change is in order has to do with the general condition of those windows. Are the materials beginning to deteriorate? If the wood on a sash or frame is somewhat soft, that’s not safe on more than one level. You need new windows that are sturdy.

Last, older windows with single pane glass are an energy drain. They make controlling the temperature indoors more difficult. Your best bet is to install new windows with double or triple pane glass. A contractor can help you explore the merits of each option.

There are other reasons for window replacement in Wheaton, IL that may apply in your case. Have a contractor inspect what’s in place, and provide some advice on what to do next. Once the new windows are installed, it won’t take long to begin reaping the benefits.

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