How a Companion Can Help Your Elderly Parent

Loneliness and depression are common in the elderly. One reason for this is that many of them find themselves living alone at home, and the lack of interaction can lead to depression. For others, depression comes from their illness. Studies show that people who suffer from chronic pain conditions are much more likely to develop depression, as chronic pain changes one’s quality of life.

What can depression do?

Depression harms your health. If your elderly loved one develops depression, that can lead to undue illnesses and a shorter life span. One way to help is by hiring professionals for companionship care in Georgetown, DE.

How can companionship help?

When you pay for companionship care in Georgetown, DE, that goes beyond paying someone to watch over your parent. Having a companion means your loved one has someone they can talk to. That fills the need for social interaction, eases the loneliness and prevents depression from developing.

What other services can you expect?

A companion provides assistance with daily tasks such as meal preparation, bathing, eating, cleaning the home and more. That can be a huge help. If you don’t have the time to take on those tasks and your loved one is starting to grow frail, then having someone to look after their needs is crucial. Your parent gets the help they need and you’re assured that they’re safe and well-cared for.

How do I pick a companion?

Look for a trusted agency. Be sure you have a list of the services that your parent requires so you can check and ask them if they provide that sort of assistance. Also, while qualifications are a must, you’ll want to pick someone who is both competent and compassionate. For caregivers that fit that description, reach out to Capital City Nurses.

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