Hardscape in Whitefish Bay WI: Options to Consider

Making a statement in the yard is easy when hardscape elements are used -; or any solid landscaping structure or surface for that matter. However, many people don’t know what options they have when it comes to hardscape elements. Keep reading to learn about some of the options here.

A Driveway

One type of Hardscape in Whitefish Bay WI is a driveway. While these can be difficult to design in an aesthetic manner, the size of these makes them crucial when it comes to home curb appeal. A person can make their driveway much more appealing by using more interesting materials, such as concrete pavers, cobblestone, or stained concrete.


Another option for a Hardscape in Whitefish Bay WI is paths or walkways, which include glass pebbles, terrazzo, concrete, stone, brick, and pavers. Make sure to select an option that fits the garden area and that complements the home. A simple brick path is a great way to provide structure and aesthetic appeal.

Gravel Paths

An easy and affordable landscape project to take on is creating a gravel path. These offer flexibility regarding both design and shape. It’s possible to accentuate a gravel path further by adding a border of grass or moss.


A fence can provide a sense of security and privacy around a home. Narrow slats or picket fences can offer a psychological barrier, and a taller fence that is more solid will help to essentially “shut out the world.”

Walls or Wall Materials

Regardless of if they are installed for function, stability, or privacy, walls are a type of lasting design element for a home’s exterior area. It’s a good idea to choose the materials for the wall based on the region the house is located in along with the architecture elements of the home.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by adding hardscape elements to a home. In most cases, these are an easy and affordable way to add aesthetic appeal to any property. More information about hardscape features can be found by taking the time to contact the professional team at Bluemel’s Garden & Landscape Center.

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