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If you are looking for ways to get rid of your scrap metal, H & C Metals accepts ferrous, non-ferrous, and electronic scrap materials and they even pay you for it. Just call them up at 973-589-7778 and they will schedule a pickup for you.
H and C metals was built around 1976 by Frank Colantuono in Newark, New Jersey. He started the recycling business and was quite successful about it. Today, his sons namely Mike and Dan are now carrying on what their father has started.
What makes H and C Metals the best recycling business in New Jersey is that they are known to be honest, reliable, and knowledgeable about their business. This credibility earned them the respect in their community. Because of this credibility they manage to get the customer’s loyal support and are always patronizing their services. This reputation has been carried on by their son, hence making them quite well-known in the state.

Services offered by H and C Metals

H and C Metals offers the following services:

*  Industrial roll-off container service – This service caters to both private and public institutions.

*  Extensive trucking options – H and C metals has a wide variety of trucking and equipment options. Therefore, they can meet all your requirements in removing your scrap metal materials.

NJ DEP-Authorized Waste Hauling – This hauler by H and C metals is of universal waste. It is approved by the Department of Environmental Protection: Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Program of the state.

Certified Destruction – H and C metals offers destruction services of electronic scrap and other environmentally sensitive materials such as lead solids, lead batteries, wet cell, flooded and valve regulated. This company has the necessary documentation certifying that they are allowed to perform such services.

Commercial Interior Removal – This Company provides removal of scrap upon request.

Scrap Pick-up Services – If you do not have the means to transport your scrap materials, call H and C Metals and they can schedule to have your unwanted scrap removed.

Accepted Metals and Not Accepted Metals

H and C Metals accepts ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and electronic and computer scrap. If you have scrap materials that belong to the type of metals mentioned above, then they can purchase it from you.
What H and C Metals doesn’t accept are asbestos, broken batteries, explosive materials, dirt, concrete, solid waste, firearms and ammunitions, glass, free-flowing liquids, radioactive materials, rocks, rubber, and the like.



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