Get Wild and Adventurous on a Duck Hunting Trip

Are you a lover of the great outdoors and love to hunt? Are you looking to get away for a few days to hunt with your friends and build camaraderie and bond while enjoying the outdoors? Or are you looking for some solitude time while you hunt? Alone or in groups, a Duck Hunting Trip can be exciting and adventurous.

While there are some hunters who prefer to hunt solo in their own private spot or river bank there are other hunters who may benefit with the direction of a hunting guide or a packaged trip. A packaged Duck Hunting Trip would most likely include food and lodging, experienced duck hunting guides or instructors, the use of the land to hunt on as well as the use of a hunting dog. For example, a guided duck hunting trip in Alaska would include hunting, lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner on the Bering Sea. Packaged trips are normally more suitable for less experienced hunters or hunters who don’t own a lot of equipment but that doesn’t mean that an experienced hunter wouldn’t enjoy a Duck Hunting Trip as well. There are numerous packaged duck hunting trips available with beautiful destinations such as Alaska, Canada, New England and Massachusetts. Check ahead of time with the tour guide to see if you will need a Game Bird License in order to hunt. They could supply this for you or you may have to apply for it yourself ahead of the scheduled trip.

When hunting dress properly for the weather conditions. The weather can be wet and chilly and change in a hurry so it’s best to be prepared. Duck hunting guides suggest wearing warm camouflaged clothing including gloves and face mask as well as boots and chest waders. Camouflage clothing whether green or brown is worn to conceal yourself from the ducks. If the ducks see you they will not come within firing range. A flashlight, camera and snacks are also recommended to bring along with you on the hunting trip as well as duck decoys, duck calls and the suggested 12 gauge shotgun.

Ready for that duck hunting trip? Your travel agent can help you get started in finding guided hunts as well as the Department of Natural Resources for your state. Another good way to check for duck hunting trips is through your local sportsman’s club.

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