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Finding the Best Prices With Auto Insurance Companies in Denver, CO

Some drivers find it unfair when car insurance costs more after moving to an urban area. That’s especially true if this individual has never been in an automobile accident and has a clean driving record. Nevertheless, premiums nearly always are more expensive in big cities. Getting quotes from several auto insurance companies in Denver, CO allows consumers to compare options.

More Collisions

The main reason automobile insurance costs extra in urban areas is the greater risk of collisions. That’s primarily caused by traffic congestion. Insurance underwriters have access to statistics showing which cities have the worst percentages for vehicle accidents. Denver is not high on that list, but certain intersections and neighborhoods have unusually large numbers of collisions. That’s why a person’s home zip code might affect the insurance premium.

Criminal Activity

The second reason for more expensive premiums in big cities is the higher risk of criminal activity, including car theft and vandalism. Again, this is generally connected with particular zip codes and neighborhoods where incidents occur more frequently. An independent agent representing various auto insurance companies in Denver, CO helps consumers choose policy features that best fit their needs for the most affordable price.

Relevant Statistics

The enclave of Glendale has the highest average car insurance rates in the Denver metropolitan area, according to Bankrate. That’s likely because it’s the most densely populated municipality in the state. The average annual premium of about $2,330 for full coverage is still substantially lower than that of many other U.S. cities.

Quotes for several companies are provided by independent insurance agents like those shown. For more information follow them on Facebook.

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