Fighting False Allegations with a Child-Molestation Lawyer in Allen County, IN

In Indiana, the most common allegations during a child custody case is molestation or abuse. These false allegations create difficulty not only for the parent who is accused, but also for the children who did fall victim to these crimes in other cases. A child-molestation lawyer in Allen County, IN helps parents who were accused falsely to fight a potential conviction.

What to Expect from These Charges?

The most obvious outcome of these charges is media coverage. The case could capture the attention of the media even when all facts aren’t available, which could lead to the immediate assumption of guilt. For parents who are accused falsely, this could lead to the public assumption that the allegations are true, maybe cause an immediate and detrimental impact on the life of the accused. In these cases, the accused isn’t innocent until proven guilty. They become the subject of media scrutiny designed to ruin their lives.

The Possibility of a Conviction

If the accused is convicted, the penalty for the crime could range up to twenty-five years in prison, which is if the victim was under the age of ten. Further charges could apply based on the nature of the allegations. If this is the case, the court may add to this minimum sentence based on the applicable charges. If the crime was excessive or aggravated in nature, the court could impose a maximum sentence, which could range up to life in prison. Additionally, all individuals convicted of any sexual-based crimes must register as a sex offender.

How These Charges Affect Child-Custody Cases

After a parent is charged with child molestation, the county assigns a social worker to investigate. The child must also visit a medical examiner to acquire any physical evidence present. They must also speak to a child psychologist. If these agencies believe that the parent could be guilty of the crime, they file a report with child protective services and prevent access to the child.

In Indiana, accusations of child molestation are possible in a custody case, for this reason, a full investigation of these charges is required. The outcome of the investigation determines the probable guilt of the accused parent, and in these cases it is possible that parental rights are terminated. Parents facing these charges should contact a child molestation lawyer in Allen County, IN or browse our website for more information.

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