Features of the Best Boat Transport Trailers

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Automotive

The water makes moving around a 30,000-pound boat look easy. Unfortunately, moving such a considerably high load isn’t the easiest of tasks on land. Well-designed boat transport trailers have unique features and are constructed in such a way as to allow you to handle effortlessly and transport boats of all sizes.

Cutting-edge hydraulic boat transport trailers are helpful for today’s manufacturers, dealers, restorers, and haulers. You can also find them useful at a boatyard or marina. These trailers solve problems dealing with limited storage space as well as high costs for transporting and handling boats. Launching and loading procedures that are normally time-consuming are also made easy with this equipment. Look for a trailer with an open center, arms that are driven by hydraulics and simple controls, as these features save you both on labor and time.

Outstanding Features
A variety of other outstanding features is worth looking for in a trailer. Well-built boat transport trailers have cylinders with double-locking check valves, which will lock the cylinders in a situation where your hydraulic hose fails. Also, they have hydraulic systems that are electrically powered and remain charged by the tow vehicle. They are also non-polluting, another desirable feature. All wheels of the trailer you choose should feature brakes, and hydraulic arms should feature hull protection as well. Flexible fenders should additionally protect your boat hull.

Additional Beneficial Features
You can also find a trailer with parking stands, a front safety mast and tie-down handles located along the entire length of the trailer. Be sure the trailer has a submersible lighting system featuring backup lights. As well, this system should be approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Locked cross beams are also essential for accurate frame alignment and tracking on the highway.

Sometimes standard transport trailers just don’t quite fit your particular situation. The best producers of trailers can adapt designs to fit your special requirements. Customization often leads to innovative and interesting improvements that make the job of transporting a boat easier than ever before for a boat owner or boat handler.

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