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Eliminating the Frustration of Eyeglasses with Contact Lenses in Colorado Springs, CO

Whether you’re born with poor vision or your eyesight simply begins to decline as you age, going through life without the ability to see well tends to get a bit complicated. While prescription eyeglasses are the answer for many people, they’re not for everyone. If you spend a great deal of time outdoors or participating in sports, they’re often as much a hindrance as a helping hand; at the same time, finding just the right style of glasses to complement your facial features and fit well into your personal style can be difficult. This is where contact lenses in Colorado Springs, CO area come into play.

Though Contact Lenses were once only an option for a select handful of prescription types, they are now available to almost anyone in need of corrective lenses, including those with extremely strong prescriptions, astigmatisms and bifocals. Contacts don’t change your appearance the way glasses do, and they eliminate many of the common issues associated with glasses, such as of fogging up, consistently sliding down your nose and leaving uncomfortable impressions at the bridge of your nose. They’re also safer and more convenient for those living an active lifestyle.

Extended wear lenses were once the norm, lasting up to a year with proper care. These are still available, but not as popular as they once were. Today’s contact lens users have plenty of alternatives, including lenses worn for a month, two weeks or only a single day before being replaced. Pricing could be considered comparable among all these options with monthly replacements costing anywhere from $20 to $70 per box depending on the prescription and the provider. One box of this variety holds a six month supply for one eye.

Ophthalmologists recommend to examine your eyes at least once a year for a number of reasons. While updating your prescription regularly is important, the annual eye exam will also cover several aspects of eye health, like making sure your contacts aren’t irritating your eyes and ensuring the brand you’re using is still as comfortable for you as it was in the beginning. Several different manufacturers offer contacts, so if you and your doctor feel a change is necessary, you have an array of Contact Lenses in Colorado Springs CO to choose from.

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