Drafty Windows? Replace them with Windows at Tristate Windows And Siding in NJ

by | Aug 8, 2013 | Doors and Windows

Replacing the windows in a home can both improve the appearance of the home and make it more energy efficient. While most new windows will make a home’s exterior look crisp and neat, different kinds will last longer. Traditionally, window frames have been made of wood. However, in the past decade vinyl and fiberglass have replaced wood as the most popular window frame material. Windows At Tristate Windows And Siding in NJ are made from a variety of these materials. Therefore the customer can choose which one is appropriate for their home.

Wood window frames expand and contract because of the moisture that they absorb. Eventually this movement creates a weaker seal between the window frame and home. This is one of the reasons that the window area can be a place that loses heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. Both vinyl and fiberglass window frames absorb far less moisture. This results in a more effective long-term seal from Windows At Tristate Windows And Siding in NJ.

Just as vinyl siding and vinyl fences need little maintenance, Windows At Tristate Windows And Siding in NJ are low maintenance as well. Homeowners will be pleased at the variety of window styles. They can opt for double hung windows that provide a classic and upscale look. Lite slider windows come in one, two or three panels and allow in the maximum amount of light. Picture windows with double hung panels on each side create an expansive amount of glass area. Bay windows function in the same manner, but jut out from the exterior for a three-dimensional effect. Those folks with green thumbs will love a garden window.

Energy efficient Windows At Tristate Windows And Siding in NJ have more than one pane of glass with either air or safe gas in between them. Gas is a better insulation material than air, so homeowners should choose this whenever possible. Some windows have two, three or even four layers. These types of windows should have an insert on the bottom that keeps all of the layers in place. Homeowners will also love how quiet their homes are with this much insulation in their windows.



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