Different Surgeries Transgender Men and Women May Seek to Make Improvements

With more awareness and acceptance being geared toward the transgender community, more offices are opening its doors to help them make a transition. Physically transitioning isn’t always easy. Some institutes look down on the transgender community and even refuse them service. Yet others are welcoming transgenders with open arms and are eager to perform services to help them reach their physical goals to confirm their identity. Gender dysphoria in children, teens, and adults is a medical condition that should be given all the benefits and care as other medical problems. For those seeking to transition physically, they may wonder what kind of surgeries they might need. Here are a few surgeries transgenders may be interested in.

  1. Mastectomy (Top Surgery)

For transmen, their breasts can give them a lot of dysphorias. Binders can temporarily solve the problem, but they shouldn’t be worn long-term. They can injure the spine and severely cause damage to the breasts.
Top surgery is the removal of breast tissue and other parts of the breast to create a flat chest.

  1. Urogenital Reconstruction

Also, for transmen, those who desire a workable phallus may seek urogenital reconstruction or gender reassignment surgery. Many states require gender reassignment for their gender markers to be changed on legal documents. The type of procedure that is used to form the phallus differs based on each case.

  1. Breast Augmentation

For trans women, one of the surgeries that many wish to have is breast augmentation. This involves the process of placing either organic or synthetic tissue into the breast area to form natural-looking breasts. With a larger chest, many transwomen feel their dysphoria fade away.

Gender dysphoria in children, teens, and adults should never be discredited. The Trans Center can help you achieve your physical goals. Contact us at for more information or to make an appointment.

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