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Cyber Security in Brooklyn: What Can You Do?

Every business has to be worried about cybersecurity nowadays. You probably have a website, and you allow customers to buy products from it. Therefore, they input sensitive information and expect it to be safe. However, you also deal with customers in your stores. Because you save/store their data, such as credit card numbers, you need to ensure that everything is protected. Managed IT services in New York City can help you. If you don’t currently have an in-house IT department or it doesn’t meet your technology needs, now is the time to find someone who can.

Intrinsic Technology Group can help you find the right managed IT partner to assist your current team. As such, it could be the outsourced option that you utilize when necessary. The company offers a cyber security system that works in tandem with your workflows. Therefore, you can set it and forget it. Your team can work uninterrupted, and any threats are sent back from where they came. You’ll find many solutions available, such as web/content filtering, anti-virus, URL/email filtering, vulnerability audits, and much more. Advanced services are also available for a separate fee. These can include sophisticated email protection, cybersecurity training for your team, and much more.

IT support is essential, but that doesn’t mean you have to hire an in-house team. You may be a small start-up company that can’t afford it. Likewise, you may have options in place that aren’t necessarily appropriate for you. As such, you can work with this company to get help with a variety of situations. These can include disaster/backup recovery, network management, cloud needs, and so much more. Plus, you’ll always have access to support from a qualified expert. Many times, they can do it remotely, but they will also come to your location if necessary. Consider contacting the company today to discuss your particular needs.

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