Customized Compliance Training Opportunities

The fact is one size compliance training does not effectively fit all situations. The opportunity to have customized training materials that are relevant to your firm is one that should not be ignored. Customized options are better options. There are 3 clear benefits to securing the custom training that is relevant to your organization.

It is A Better Choice
Training is not something that most employees look forward too. Surveys have shown that employees feel that training, takes away from their productivity. Additionally, many employees report that the training that they receive from their organization is too generic and does not have enough relevant material. Customized training options can help to make the information more relevant. When employees feel like they are “getting something” out of the training they will:
1. Pay attention to the training and more of the information will be absorbed
2. They participate more enthusiastically
3. There is a reduction of risk

Giving staff members what they need to perform at a higher level, to avoid risks and to get in line with corporate values starts with giving the information that they need during training. When the training is relevant to their position, they will perk up and pay attention. You could reduce overall risk with the right course material.

For the Company
Of course, what benefits and furthers the employees understanding also has the added benefit of improving the workspace for everyone in the company. Additionally, customized training gives you control over the information that is disseminated through training. There is also the “easy” factor to consider when you choose the right source. It is less hassle for HR, less hassle for the training coordinator and easier for the employees. Interactive Services has revolutionized how compliance information is presented to employees in the workplace!

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