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Although plastic bag machines all make similar products, it is their parts that determine what the end result will be and how it will be used in the industry. The uses for Hudson Sharp machine parts span every industry from consumer goods to uniforms and laundry. These parts allow a wide variety of machines to create numerous types of bags.

Weld bag machines manufacture bags that are sealed at the side rather than the bottom. This allows them to remain open at the top. In many cases, these bags are usually best for lighter materials, and this manufacturing difference sometimes allows them to be sold at a lower price than bags with a bottom seal. Side seal bags include garment bags for the uniform and laundry industry and garbage bags in the consumer goods industry. Hudson Sharp machine parts for weld bag machines include nip rollers, which press the bags together to get rid of any bubbles that may have formed in the manufacturing process and also pull the bags off of rolls between manufacturing stages.

Wicketer machines make bags with perforations and that have been bundled together. These bags are used in industries such as food services and consumer goods and are made into chicken and bread bags, along with shopping bags. Wicketers are complicated machines. Parts include a timing belt, which opens and closes valves at precise times for the smoothest operations, and the draw roll, which is itself made up of many smaller parts like lock washers and gears, and uses heat to cut and seal the plastic bags.

Hudson Sharp machine parts are also utilized in bottom and twin seal shuttle bag machines. These machines make security bags and zippered bags for the consumer goods industry. The bottom seal is commonly used when bags will need to expand to hold their contents and is often intended for heavier usage. One common part in this type of machine is the dancer control, which either stores or releases material so that the machine can run at a more stable operating level.

Plastic bag machines may all seem alike initially. However, because Hudson Sharp machine parts are designed to work inside specific machines, bags can be made for a wide variety of industries.

Hudson Sharp machine parts can be customized to plastic bag machines so that a different type of bag can be produced. Understand the diverse ways that hudson sharp machine parts can be used in manufacturing to produce bags for different industries.

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