Consider Poured Floor Covering in NY

There are many commercial and residential buildings that receive heavy use or need a seamless floor that is easy to clean or disinfect. Poured floors are very strong, long lasting Floor Covering in NY. They are sold and installed by companies such as Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation who have installers trained and approved by the major poured floor manufacturers. There are poured floors of several different types and materials, each serving a special purpose. These floors can have hundreds of custom looks depending on the material and additives used.

Who Can Benefit From Poured Flooring?

Poured Floor Covering in NY can benefit any commercial or public building with high traffic. There are also residential uses for this type of flooring. Commercial enterprises of all kinds will find poured flooring strong, long lasting, and easy to maintain. Business logos and other design features can be part of this flooring. There are many choices of additives including a colorant, small to large color flakes, and more. Retail businesses and showroom floors can be attractive and durable. The poured floors can be slip-resistant.

Warehouses are the ideal place for poured flooring which will stand up to heavy traffic and warehouse product moving machinery such as forklifts. Automobile showrooms are another site that poured flooring is ideal for since it will stand up to cars being driven onto and off it and is easy to clean. Manufacturing plants do well with seamless poured flooring that is easy to clean and disinfect when necessary. Pharmaceutical, laboratory, and medical facilities benefit from the seamless quality of this floor. It is easy to sanitize and keep germ free.

Finally, residential areas such as basements, garages, and kitchens can do very well with poured floors. These floors can be customized for many different looks. They can have area rugs placed on top of them in conversation areas to make them look more inviting.

What Types Of Poured Floors Are Available?

Poured flooring suppliers and installers often offer more than one type of poured flooring. These might include acrylic, urethane, and epoxy. In addition, there will be self-leveling, slip-resistant, and flexible systems. The property owner and the supplier can work together to choose the correct product for their unique application. Poured floors are only as good as their installation, so choose a flooring company that is approved by the major manufacturers. For more information, visit us. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.

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