Common Signs That Your Car Needs Auto Engine Repair in Wildomar, CA

Are you tired of the check engine light constantly appearing on your dashboard? The check engine light should not be taken lightly, as it indicates an issue with one of the many sensors or gauges installed within the engine bay. If the check engine indicator is constantly lighting up, you should take your car to an auto engine repair mechanic as quickly as possible. However, there are many other issues within the engine that might require immediate attention and repair work. Here are some common signs that can indicate a serious problem with your engine.

Significantly Reduced Fuel Economy

One of the clearest signs that your engine isn’t performing up to the mark is if the fuel economy has fallen drastically over the past few months. If your car is properly tuned and still doesn’t provide the expected level of efficiency, you should get it checked by a professional. Take the car to a workshop that offers auto engine repair in Wildomar, CA for a thorough diagnosis.


No fluids should leak from the front section of your car, which is where the engine bay is located. Modern cars use a variety of different fluids to operate the many systems installed within. If you notice oil or coolant leakages, you should go to a mechanic immediately. If the level of oil decreases below the minimum requirement, your engine will seize and the car will break down completely. Oil leakages can also be harmful in other ways, especially when taking into account the fact that oil is highly flammable.

Knocking Noise

If you can hear a knocking noise every time you accelerate your car, it’s probably a sign that your engine bearings are worn out. The all-too-important moving parts of the motor are fitted onto these bearings, so you should visit an auto engine repair mechanic immediately for a diagnostic check-up.

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