Classic and Long-lasting Polywood Plantation Shutters Sarasota FL

Polywood Plantation Shutters Sarasota, FL creates a classic design that can reflect a person’s style and personality. It is the most popular choice for homeowners today and admired for its uniform look and wonderful curb appeal. Polywood plantation shutters are a great asset to a home and here’s why they are a homeowner’s first choice of window treatments.

  • Polywood gives a fine, rich look of wood, but not its problems. At times, the wood may become warped due to moisture, but polywood shutters are ideal for areas prone to moisture and humidity.
  • Since it is made of non-toxic materials and can be recycled, it is environmentally friendly and will not end up in a landfill.
    Many recommend this product because of its long-lasting lifespan. They will not warp due to weather or any temperature changes or humidity. They serve as a shield from harmful rays, that will protect a homeowner’s furniture.
  • This product can reduce energy bills, particularly if they are sealed with weather stripping side pieces that create a thermal shield effect, blocking out the changes in temperature or light.
  • Their insulation is as much as 70% more efficient than wood, which can save a homeowner money in energy cost.
  • Polywood shutters can be designed to fit a variety of window or door sizes. The shape of the window is not a problem; a shutter can be made to custom fit and perform perfectly.
  • There are three types of louvers on the shutter to choose from, 2.5″ (colonial style), 3.5″ (traditional style), and 4.5″ which gives more of exterior view.
  • A homeowner can choose from frames that mount either from inside the window opening or those that mount on the wall around the window.
  • The polywood shutters usually come with an excellent warranty that covers manufacturing defects, workmanship, finishes, and installation for life.
  • Best of all, the polywood shutters are designed for energy savings, so it can be eligible for a tax credit of 10% of the cost of the product.

Basically, polywood plantation shutters in Sarasota FL are the best choice for a homeowner’s window treatment, so check out Blinds & Designs to get the process started. It will be a great investment for any homeowner who wants to have classic and long-lasting plantation shutters that will add value to their home.

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